How to Make Origami Paper Bows | DIY

I've just learned how to make origami paper bows! Yes, I used an exclamation mark. I am that excited about these pretty things. But then, I was always the kid who was folding my napkin into a swan at the restaurant. Christmas wrapping or decorating anyone?

And now... For the instructions! I've embedded a youtube video, but if you prefer still images (I do) visit this post on Tweety Atelier. It's in Japanese. But the Photographs are clear. Steps nine and thirteen require the use of scissors.

You'll want to use origami paper, if at all possible, or something of a similar weight. Tissue paper will work. But regular wrapping paper turns white at the crease points, so I wouldn't use that. Kraft parcel paper is much better. For the metallic bow in the top photograph, I used heavy scrapbook paper. That was a mistake. It resulted in the square ripping apart when I pulled the corners open in step eight. So lighter is better.

Speaking of the square, if you change how large you make the fold in step three, you will also change the square size. I liked mine big, cause it makes the bow look cartoony.

You may notice I have flattened most of my bows. This way, if put on the fronts of greeting cards, they will be much easier to slip into envelopes. I prefer to leave them poofy when sticking them onto doors, and walls, and gift bags. Reference the bottom photo for tail trimming suggestions.

And that's it, so have fun. :)

LOVE: Kait

P.S. I think it would be super cute to put miniature ones on hair clips, or ballet flats. :D What decorating ideas do the bows spark in your mind?


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